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We have a lot of cool ideas and sometimes we try to realise them.
Usually we fail.


FantaAstiere in an app for Fantasy Football which allows the asterer to manage the auction digitally and check all the values and statistics on purchases in real time.

Realised by Fyruz

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The application is in open beta.
Development and support have been stopped

Learn how to modulate your voice to improve your speaching skills

VoiceTea is an application designed for theater students and, in general, for anyone who needs to understand how to modulate his own voice. Once started, the application will notify you when your voice has peaks of pitch that you should avoid, to help you understand how to modulate your pitch.

Realised by Sasso

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The application is in closed alpha.
Development and support have been temporarily stopped

Find pubs and clubs near you: compare prices and offers and save money

Going out for a drink has never been so easy and convenient. Whether it's a quiet beer with some friends, or the beginning of an evening out of the ordinary, DrinkItApp is the one for you.
Access detailed information on the best pubs near you, compare reviews and prices of drinks, beers and shots, and choose the place to spend your ideal evening, saving money.

Realised by Fyruz and Sasso

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"It's a good name!"

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